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Tile Cozy

Welcome to the heartwarming world of "Tile Cozy: Help the Rookie Dad"! Join Lars, a lovable new dad, as he conquers household chaos in this enchanting match-3 puzzle adventure.

"Tile Cozy" promotes UNDP goal 5: Gender Equality by encouraging players to break traditional gender roles. Share Lars' journey as he proves that anyone, regardless of gender, can take on childcare duties and contribute to a balanced home life.

Customize your game board, immerse yourself in vibrant visuals, and get to know charming characters. With regular updates and events, there's always something fresh in the world of "Tile Cozy."

Download now and join Lars in promoting shared household responsibilities and gender equality!


Shortly after recent advances in the science of genetic memory, the government discovered the existence of a powerful and now fragmented artifact: the Talisman of An.

But not only is it sought by the government, but also by the malevolent and ancient Order of An, which intends to collect each of these fragments and achieve total world domination.

Now, as part of a team of researchers, you must find your place in history, fulfill your prophecy and work to recover the DNA of powerful heroes of antiquity and, using their skills, discover, defend and reforge the fragments of the talisman. And maybe, just maybe, you will be able to see one of your loved ones once again.


Nordic Stone Studio

We are gamers! We forge innovative games with diverse, creative and dedicated talents.

We embrace

diversity & gender equality!

We are an international team. We believe diversity makes us stronger.

We provide female gamers with more opportunities to get into the game industry.

We are game enthusiasts.

We love games as you do.

We aim to create games for long-term operations.   


We love fine art.

Game art is art!  Our core team has more than 10 years of experience working with AAA studios in the industry.

We want to provide our players with the best visual entertainment.               

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